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  • Ayam Percik
    Ayam Percik
  • Breakfast choose: Yut Kee roasted coffee/grilled bread with butter/half-boiled eggs/dimsum/Chee Cheong Fun and Yang Tau Foo/Chaw Kuey Teow/Lam Mee/Prawn Mee/Curry Mee/Seafood Mee and etc. (Malay food: Nasi Lemak/Roti Canai/Mi Rojak/Redang Chicken/Redang Kambing)
  • Lunch Choose: Steam fish head/Nyonya steam fish/Bah Kut Teh/Hainam Chicken rice/Char Shao, Shao Rou, Roasted Chicken/Braised chicken leg and braised pork feet/Roasted duck and roasted goose/Duck feet Bao/pork miso/pork porridge with salted chicken/paper bag chicken and noodles/dried shrimp and seafood meal (Indian meal: Banana leaf/Indian Rice/Indian rice/ Indian loin/curry mutton rice)
  • Dinner choose: Curry fish head/Teochew Porridge/wild miso soup/Curry mountain pork/ Night market: grilled squid/grilled Tao fu/Fried carrot cake/Tong sui/pork noodles/pork porridge/ Lulu string/fresh stir-fried noodles/satay/mutton soup/roast chicken wings